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Miss April In Paris hasn't made it to Paris yet, but she is visiting the UK. See her blog post on Tilly The Rescue Dog's Blog on June 14th.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finding French Treasures

Dear Diary,

I've gone through my Paris Hope Chest and found my hidden treasures. I forgot I had so many things tucked away. They were under the box of milkbones so no one will find them. Oh how I dream of Paris.

I know I will look as lovely as this lady if I wore that darling hat. And I can keep it in my vintage French hat box. Oui.
And some decals for my luggage.

My journal where I'll keep my notes on my sightseeing trips.

My Paris Opera House Glasses

I will smell simply lovely with my little French perfumes.

And when the sun is so bright on the Champs-Élysées I have my vintage JEAN LAFONT sunglasses to protect my dainty eyes.

Time for a little rest on my favorite Moulin Rouge pillow.

Bon au revoir.
Je vous aime.
Miss April In Paris

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